Gulp DevStack release v4.4.0

  •   1 minute read
Includes Bootstrap 5.3.0, security updates and major package upgrades — plus a new GitHub action for deployment to GitHub pages.

Gulp DevStack is a front-end stack focused on facilitating the construction of static sites. Its features, such as live reload and optimized source exports, empower developers to build landing pages and prototypes and easily prepare files for collaboration.

Now integrates Bootstrap 5.3.0, paving the way for improved web designs, including dark and colour themes now natively supported by Bootstrap. It also introduces an exciting custom GitHub action for deploying directly to GitHub Pages. This feature, in combination with using pnpm, significantly accelerates the deployment process, saving you at least 30 seconds per build. As a result, both build and deploy times are now under a minute!

Additionally, Gulp DevStack 4.4.0 provides important security updates and several major package upgrades, ensuring your projects are secure and up-to-date.

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It maintains its user-friendly features, such as SEO optimization and image optimizations, while encouraging best development practices with tools like ESLint, Prettier, Remark, and Stylelint. Finally, the Gulp DevStack is ready for integration with Git-based CMS like Tina CMS or Netlify CMS, making it a complete tool for modern web development.

In conclusion, the new Gulp DevStack 4.4.0 combines modern features, significant package upgrades, and enhanced security, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient web development process. Experience the efficiency of the new release today!