It’s simple

I will listen, understand the needs and advise you. I’m your man. I always check the achievability of goals. I can step back and look at plans regarding users needs and expectations, and I am not afraid to change the initial course. Even technology will not limit us. According to requirements, I compose technical assignments, development plan and testing. I will be happy to take care of your projects, even after implementation. Do you like agile development? Mee too.

Do you have exact requirements? Honour me by email.

Graphics to responsive layouts

I code your graphic design in time and carefully. Do you have an obsession with accuracy? That will match with “pixel-perfect” precision. I provide layouts in production quality — clean, valid and fast code. Will you pass templates to programmers? I will prepare formatted and optimized resources for them. I’m flexible. Try me.
HTML 5 Nunjucks Jade / Pug SCSS / Less / Stylus CSS 3 JavaScript jQuery VueJS

Bulletproof email templates

I code bulletproof templates for various platforms for the needs of your email marketing. Responsivity or native or simulated dark mode support is no big deal. Don’t have a responsive design? Never mind, we’ll tune in it together. If you want an AMP email, you have it! I look forward to your graphic challenges.
HTML AMP Email MailChimp Mailkit

Website development

I’ll deliver information and sales websites. I’ll also take care of microsites or landing pages. Our cooperation will be a pleasure. Clean, fast and optimized code for search engines happiness :-) I also don’t forget about Rich snippets and other technical SEO favours. Do you want to edit your content? I’ll advise you on choosing a suitable CMS and technology.

Size doesn’t matter. I’ll assemble a team for your complex projects.

Gulp Webpack Rollup PHP 😅 Hugo / 11ty Netlify / Render / FTP Headless CMS Automatizace