It’s simple

I’m here to help, listen and suggest how to make your projects achievable. I can assist with technical assignments, development plans, and testing. Do you like agile development? Mee too.

Let’s discuss your needs.

Graphics to responsive layouts

I can code your design accurately and efficiently, with “pixel-perfect” precision on time. My layouts are high-quality and optimized for fast performance. I’m flexible and adaptable, so give me a try.
HTML 5 Nunjucks Jade / Pug SCSS / Less / Stylus CSS 3 JavaScript jQuery Vue.js

Bulletproof email templates

I design bulletproof emails for various platforms, including responsive design and support for dark theme. Let’s work on your graphic challenges together.
HTML AMP Email MailChimp Mailkit

Website development

I  deliver websites and optimize them for search engines. Also can recommend and implement CMS and assemble a team for bigger projects. Let’s collaborate and make your website efficient and enjoyable.
Gulp Webpack Rollup PHP 😅 Hugo / 11ty Netlify / Render / FTP Headless CMS Automatizace